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photo by Claudia Ascensio

Love People International began as a group of rag tag DJs and visual artists in the 1980’s in NYC. With the belief that culture (things that can be shared and learned) was the very essence of what simultaneously makes us unique and offers a window into understanding the world around us. We came from various backgrounds and ethnicities and each brought their own tastes into the fold.

Primarily American, when the ubiquity of the internet appeared, LPI explored the global ghetto to find a worldwide group of collaborators and audience.

The team has changed over the years, however, the mission has remained: To celebrate diversity through music and culture.

Love People International got its name from a reggae club in Brooklyn called “Love People One”. The club was shut down after a brutal shoot out occurred there. International was added to differentiate us from the club and it was trendy for my heroes from the traveling Jamaican sound systems to add the suffix “international”.