Asian Allies Project

Recent news has been unnerving. Misinformation has led to an increase in acts of violence towards people of Asian decent (AAPI) in the US and around the globe. 

The idea behind the project is to communicate to Asian Americans that they have allies. The word “Ally” simply written in Chinese on a pin-back button shouts “I have your back”, “You are not alone” “You are safe here”. Wearing these badges is a statement that the wearer is ready to stand up against racism and violence.

Asian Allies project is open source. Feel free to download the files and print your own posters, t-shirts and buttons here.

Very excited to have designed three variations in three languages: Chinese, Korean & Japanese.

  • In Chinese 盟友 means “Ally” this was the first design and already in production and available to order.
  • 함께 in Korean means “With You”
  • In Japanese 味方 means friend or ally and really sums up the concept of the project.


Pins will be distributed for free at upcoming events TBD. Online button requests cover shipping/manufacturing. costs. Currently, All buttons are now in production.


Buttons can be ordered in bulk and as individual sets from Portland Button Works. If you need a larger quantity, feel free to reach out.

1.25″ Pinback Ally Buttons in 3 Languages (US Postage Included)


Donations will be accepted to help produce and distribute the buttons and print promotional posters.


Love People is plural and this project would not be possible without the following talented people:

Sue Young Kim SVA MFA Design ’22
Daun Choi SVA MFA Design ’20
Shuhua Liz Xiong MFA Design ’19
Echo Wu SVA MFA Design ’20
Mie Kawai
Ron Callahan Love People International
We are fortunate to be working with Portland Button Works to produce the buttons.
Love People International is a proud supporter of Black Lives Matter.